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Single Premiere: "Artist" / Audio Release: April 5th, 2019 / Music Video: April 12th, 2019



A recording artist, songwriter and worship leader, Laura Hackett Park currently resides in Kansas City, MO with her husband and fellow songwriter, Jonas Park, and their two small children.  She writes and leads worship songs for congregations across the world and has led weekly at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City since 2003; to date, she has led close to 10,000 hours of live worship sets. Laura has released two full-length albums to date and her second “Love Will Have Its Day” was her breakout Billboard release topping the charts at #13 back in 2014. Since then she has been featured on numerous compilation albums from IHOPKC’s ministry label, Forerunner Music. Her most popular song, “You Satisfy My Soul” has over 1 million views on YouTube and over 961K+ Spotify streams. Laura’s new single, “Artist”, is the first release on her and her husband’s independent label, Arrowhead Music. This prepares the way for an upcoming album release set for Summer 2019.

New Single “Artist” to be released on all platforms April 5th.

New Single “Artist” to be released on all platforms April 5th.


  • 10k hours of live worship/performance experience

  • Has led worship at churches and conferences around the world (Brazil, Korea, Israel, Taiwan, Canada) and US, most notably playing at the Sea of Galilee for God TV (2013)

  • Featured on 11 worship compilation albums from Forerunner Music

  • Has led worship at 9 Onething Conference gatherings of 20k young adults

  • 2 Full-length albums released in 2009 and 2014

  • New Single and upcoming album to be independently released by Jonas and Laura’s label, Arrowhead Music

Shot from “Artist” music video set for April 12th release.

Shot from “Artist” music video set for April 12th release.


  • Streams: 28.4 million streams total to date.

  • Spotify: Over 32,000 monthly listeners. Over 22 million streams amassed. Features on Spotify Worship playlists epicPRAISE, Easter and more.

  • Apple Music: Over 1.5 million streams

  • Amazon Music: 1.3 million streams.

  • Instagram: 11,900 followers

  • Facebook: 25,000 followers

  • Billboard: Second Full-Length album “Love Will Have Its Day” peaked at #11 on Heatseekers chart in 2014.

  • YouTube: 1.1k subscribers (not a personal channel yet)


hello@arrowheadmusic.org / 757-777-5390